Summer Community update

Jun 30, 2021

Dear friends,

The sun is shining, the temperatures are rising, people are having picnics in the park, and kids are getting ready for the holidays. Summer is finally here and with it comes our quarterly CNMN update where we tell you about the biggest upcoming changes in the following months. In this post we will talk about upcoming changes to the boosting program. So kick back, relax, and enjoy our CNMN Summer Update.

By now, most of you know what we in Cinnamon stand for. In early 2019 when the founders started playing with the idea of Cinnamon they made sure that the key pillars of our platform would be fairness, privacy, and innovation.

We wanted to implement innovative technologies that would create a better platform. We never aimed (and never will aim) to track our community to sell their data to retailers, giving our users a safe, secure, and private experience online. But primarily we always aimed to give creators a fair platform to exist on. Creators on Cinnamon are paid from the first second, we always aim to help them with everything they need, and we believe we have created a really cool & fun community around the platform. Part of that success is also the well-known Coil-Powered boost program. Over the last year we managed to give out around $63K+ to creators of various levels on Cinnamon. Not only did that lure in creators we might not have seen without it, we also noticed that it helped some creators develop. We loved seeing you gain confidence, produce better content, buy new recording equipment, and much much more.

We see how beneficial this boost program was to both us and our community. Now that the community has grown and we managed to meet some new interesting creators we would like to take a step back and evaluate our efforts as we slowly step into our new phase.

This means that we will be pausing the boost program, starting today, while we work tightly with Coil on creating new avenues and methods to support creators in 2022. We aim to announce some new slick ways to support you guys soon, so keep your eyes open.

Once again, thanks for reading our blog and please, let us know what you think, give us any tips & tricks you can think of, and if you have any feel-good stories about the boost feel free to share them.

Stay Frosty & Stay Creative

-Peter B.-

Peter Baros

C'innamon fhtagn!