Spring Community update

Mar 15, 2021

Dear friends,

Spring is almost here and with it, we decided to do a little CNMN Great Spring Community update. We are making some changes to Cinnamon's outreach programs, aimed at building traction and producing content. These changes are not taken lightly, and we have decided to implement them so the 3 big Cs of Cinnamon (community, creators, and content) can flourish. So grab a drink, sit back, relax, and let's get to it.


The first on the chopping block are the challenges. Challenges on CNMN were a concept our marketing team thought of last year. For those of you new to CNMN, challenges had aimed to become this community-driven, once-a-month competition, where we collaborated with one of our creators. The chosen creator would host a challenge, we would supply the prizes and post challenges on CNMN. While this allowed for some incredible content to be showcased on CNMN, the overall engagement was a little low. In the last challenge we even increased the prize pool, but somehow did not attract as many people as we hoped. The goal of #ChallengesByCin was to get more people making content. In the end, the numbers were not as high as we hoped so we will be stepping away from this project.

That said, we do NOT aim to discourage people from starting their own challenges, we are simply removing ourselves as a main participant to divert the focus of our staff into jobs that will help a wider community. If you have a great idea for a challenge and need some endorsement, just get in touch and we will help you out.

CNMN Boost Program

Cinnamon Boost program is our favorite community orientated activity. This Coil-powered program allows us to give special thanks to all the wonderful creators on Cinnamon. In the boost program we have several tiers starting with 'Creator of the month' and ending with 'Mini-boosts'. We determine your tier and size of the boost based on your social media engagement, CNMN engagement, amount of videos, interaction, quality, and other factors. We wanted the boosts to be something creators can use to improve the quality of their set up, as well a compensation for smaller views as CNMN is developing.

The issue with boosts is that it seems we have few creators who tend to dominate the top of the ladder. Now you might be thinking, 'Why is this an issue? You put in the work, you reap the rewards.' In a way that is correct, however, since we launched the boost we noticed that, as time passed, the fluctuation of the top 10 creators was becoming smaller and smaller. Our creators of the month spot rotates between 3 people. While these 3 people definitely deserve the boost in a lot of respects, we want to start elevating other creators, who might have been either missed out, or who might be stuck at the bottom of the boost tiers.

Therefore, we are changing the tier system. There is only one boost you may receive and that will be a $100 boost. This boost can be received once every 2 months. We hope to reach more people already on CNMN, as well as new people. More about the boost here.

Live Chat

Some of you made use of our convenient little live chat that we had on the side of our Help Center. However, the majority of our users prefer our social media accounts or email to get in touch. Due to this, we have decided to focus our line of communication into fewer, more convenient channels. While our intercom is going bye-bye, fear not as you will always be able to catch me, or other members of our team, on our Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and our email address info@cinnamon.video.

So there you have it. These are the big changes we will be implementing this spring. We hope they will allow our team to focus on the most important things, make communication and feedback easier, and generate more interest from newcomers in Cinnamon. As always, let us know how you guys feel about these changes, as your opinions are always welcome and we are always learning.

Thanks for reading,

Stay safe & Stay creative

Peter B.

Peter Baros

C'innamon fhtagn!