Creator Stories Ep 1 The Sweet Life

Nov 23, 2020

Earlier this year we wanted to launch a series of blogs that would highlight the talent that is on Cinnamon. Partially to brag and partially to give appreciation for all the hard work individuals put in to make Cinnamon a product of the future. Due to some scheduling and workflow issues at the time (tends to be that way in startups) we were not able to maintain this series. At the time, this series was known as Creator picks and we only managed to cover one creator (shout out to PierreXO!). Today we come to you with a new and updated version known as #CreatorStories, where we will interview creators from Cinnamon about their journey to becoming a creator, challenges they face, the advice they would give to future content creators, what they would hope to gain in the future, and much more. Hopefully, you will enjoy reading or listening to this series as much as we enjoy producing it.

Creator Stories Episode 1 The Sweet Life

Our first guests on the show were a pair of musicians from a group called The Sweet Life. Residing in the foresty mountains of West Virginia, The Sweet Life is a group of people who have dedicated their lives to music and combined it with the sweet opportunities that arose with the dawn of cryptocurrencies. They started producing content on Cinnamon after recently becoming one of the Grant For the Web awardees. Cody & Zach, the musical duo behind this channel, produce some incredible sound which makes up some wonderful content you should not miss. For all of you young content creators who want to share your tracks with the world, this group is a must-watch. So if you are just beginning a music career or already established, get inspired by these guys!

Sample of my interview with Zach & Cody

P: The first thing I really do want to know about you guys is how did you two pair up? Were you friends forever? Did you just meet randomly through craigslist? Did someone else get you together? How did you become a group?

C: One of our long time friends Alex Swafford was in another band in the area and I met him at Five Guys and he's pretty much the coolest cat ever, and then the very next day, he ended up walking into my business. The day after that, I ended up at one of his shows where he was playing bass and I was like 'Dude, we just lost our bass player in an old band that I was in, come out and play with us'. Boom! He did. And then a couple of months later, he introduced me to this guy (Zach), and we’ve freakin’ been best friends ever since man.

P: That's cool!

C: Yeah, it was kind of we just clicked, we started a band like a week later.

P: When did you create your first public video? Do you remember that? Is it still viewable?

C: Yeah, actually, it is. I think our first public video, I mean, granted we have a lot of videos from shows and stuff, but what do you think the first one was Zach?

Z: We did We the people back in the old studio with J.

C: Yeah that is definitely there. It's on our Facebook page. Scroll down a little bit and you'll find it.

P: You seem to merge several different types (of music) into one and I think that's absolutely phenomenal. I just wanted to ask, what are the influences, and do you actually have a name for your genre? What's the story there? What's the story of your sound?

Z: Cody is more like your hardcore metal, you know, he really pushed me on the metal. He was the reason why I even got a double bass drum pedal. And now that I have it, I need to use them all the time. I like hip hop, and I like rock as well. I also just like how electronic music is all coming together in a sense, but it's still separated by the main genre feel of it. I feel there is just a big chance to incorporate everything but still take advantage of the fact that we're just two dudes on stage.

P: It's really cool. It really vibes. I'm a fan of vibe, and I think you guys got vibe. So keep up the good work, I love it. What is it like trying to perform right now? Do you guys get to do live shows at all?

C: Very little. And we're trying to respect the guidelines as much as possible and stick to ourselves as much as we can. But as long as we're playing events where there's like, quarter capacity, everybody's masked up, you know, stuff like that, yeah, we're able to still do it, but we steer clear. Because, it’s just best in this time to sit here and get our content up, work on our new music. This is the time, this is our time to really shine because I think this is really what's going to set us up for next year, which, we only hope that we actually are allowed to get out there and get big crowds again. Whenever we play shows, it's got to be high energy to match our vibe. So getting us in a coffee shop playing in front of five to 10 people would just be odd.

P: Can you give tips to starting musicians out there?

Z: Don't rush anything. And just, I feel like keep practicing and perfecting your craft so that when the time comes for you to make your mark or you find the perfect band to work with you, you'll be ready for it. And it won't be as stressful to write new stuff or gel with new members of the group.

C: I was gonna say something very similar. Because I notice how it's been with myself personally, that in certain times, you get overwhelmed when you do something constantly, you might need a little bit of a break. Just don't take it. Don't take the break, push through with the music because every single day that you practice and you put in the work, you get so much better man, and every single day that you don't, you're getting worse.

P: Do you consider yourself a success right now? Or do you think that there's a milestone you would like to hit first before you do?

C: We are nowhere near, we've got many milestones ahead. But I will say that I believe that we're successful in our timeline. We've made a timeline for ourselves when we first started this thing and pretty much we've hit every milestone right on schedule.

To hear the entire conversation with Zach and Cody and find out more about this amazing duo, make sure to listen to our entire episode of Creator Stories below.

It has been an amazing first interview and I cannot wait for more to come. If you enjoyed the show, make sure to give Cinnamon a follow on any of our social media platforms. We are a platform in the making and we aim to make the life of content creators worldwide easier, fairer, and better.

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