Creator Stories Ep 5 Catera Combs

Dec 03, 2020

Where you see problems, they see an opportunity. Corona created some extremely difficult working conditions not only for content creators but jobs across the spectrum. Theater shows took a particularly big hit given that they all take part indoors, in close quarters, and are deemed non-essential by the authorities. I had a chance to talk to Catera, Cinnamon’s very own content creator with a rich history in acting. With the pandemic on the rise, she decided to turn that corona frown upside down, by producing her own content on Coil & Cinnamon. I find her journey inspiring so I invite you all to join me in unraveling Catera’s Creator Story.

Extract of my conversation with Catera

How did you end up on Cinnamon?

It was basically my dad, who was trying to get me into crypto, probably around January of 2020. But I was like, I don't know what this is, okay, I'm doing theater, leave me alone. Eventually, you know, I was forced to sit down. I actually started with Coil because he knew that I liked writing as well. Then he introduced me to Cinnamon and I was like ‘Well, what is this? I want to try this’ so I have to give a shout out to my dad, for helping me get on there.

As someone who’s been on both Film and Theatre, which do you prefer more?

For the longest time I really liked theater, because they say the basis of acting on film is getting the theater degree. So you can work on emotions, and a lot of the background work. But going back to the showcase [in college] that I was in, my Dean's daughter was there, and she said I had a face for TV. I didn't really know what that meant at the time, or just film in general until I started getting into more film gigs. So I would really like to experiment more with film, I think it's more of a diverse community, and there are endless projects that pop up from time to time that I still am a part of. So yeah, I think I like film better.

What was the first video you’ve ever made?

The first video I made was the fun facts video, actually a fun facts vlog. I gave like five different sorts of fun facts. Surprisingly, I got a lot of great feedback on that. It's crazy to believe that that was like four months ago.

What are the big challenges you are facing right now and how are you coping with them?

I think the biggest challenge that I'm having right now is obviously not having work. Right now I'm working full time at a nursing home as a server and there's really no creative outlet for me anymore, which makes it hard for me to stay motivated in that mindset of who I used to be. There have been a few pop-up projects that have happened actually last week, and it just really gives me hope that hopefully, the communities are opening back up. The way that I've been coping with it is trying to post a lot of new acting content, I think I've really narrowed my focus down to my acting stuff, I've cleaned up my profile a bit, and I've thought about what exactly I want to achieve with this channel.

What would you give as a tip or a trick to creators out there who wish to start their careers?

That's funny because I feel like I've been giving a lot of feedback to a lot of my friends who are just now actually joining the community. The one thing that I really say is just try to stay as consistent as possible. If you don't think your work is good or not, somebody's gonna like it. You just have to get out of your head about it and just do it. Remember, there's a delete button, so if you don't get the feedback that you want, or you want to start over, you can totally start over. The main thing is to just start, I think that's always the hardest thing for people to do is just a start.

What do you do before you go on stage?

I jam out to music, or just don't think about the show, honestly, because I can get really into my head. So I take a lot of the before time to laugh with my castmates, get to know my castmates, and just have fun and not feel so pressured to do what I'm doing even though I love what I'm doing. But yeah, just staying out of my own head. Staying distracted.

So you can be your worst enemy when it comes to performing and stuff?

Oh, yes, definitely. I can be so nitpicky about everything.

Do you feel successful and comfortable where you are? Or do you think that there's way more you need to achieve?

I always feel like there's way more that I want to achieve honestly, especially in the beginning of the pandemic, but the longer that we're here in houses, I feel like I'm so grateful for where I am right now, because I'm finding an outlet. But, I always say, I always tell my friends or anybody who asks me that kind of question is I want to do everything. There's still a lot more I want to do outside of acting. I like modeling, but I really love to just to be able to adventure out and meet a lot of cool people to collaborate with. I think that's one thing that I'm missing is a lot of collaborations. But I'm very happy with where I am at the moment. It took a while for me to feel that way. So I'm very grateful.

How would you pitch CNMN to newcomers?

Cinnamon is a friendly platform that you can create any video content with and you can go ahead and post that and you'll get immediate friendly feedback. There are no bots you'll get micro-payments as people watch. So yeah, why don't you give it a go? It's not your average YouTube.

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It’s a crazy ride but if you have been listening to the show so far you’ve had a chance to listen to some interesting Creator Stories. I hope all you rookies out there are getting that sweet inspiration and encouragement to get your content rolling, while all you veterans are finding some cool tips and tricks to improve. Cinnamon is here for you, so the Team and I are looking forward to seeing your content on

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