Creator Stories Ep 3 AussieNinja

Nov 26, 2020

A few days ago we had the pleasure of interviewing one of our OG creators Adam a.k.a AussieNinja. Those of you who have been with us for a while you are probably aware of Adam and the content he makes but for those who aren't, Adam creates a myriad of different videos both on his own channel and over at PatriciaC’s channel, where he is a member of The PLAN Podcast. Whether you’re into gaming, crypto, ninja-level fitness, or you just really love sheep, Adam has you covered so make sure to check his channel out!

In our interview, we talked all things content creation. Adam is one of our creators who creates purely for the fun of it, rather than to achieve a certain goal in terms of subscribers or monetary gain. So tune in to find out what got Adam making videos, what makes a good ninja warrior, and much more. Below are some highlights of our conversation.

Part of Peter and Adam's conversation

P: I would like to give the audience who are listening to this a little intro about yourself, maybe slightly prior to becoming a content creator and then how the whole thing started.

A: I spent a lot of my life in Australia, and then, in the last five years, moved over to the US to the forests of Oregon, which is super cool. I've really enjoyed my time in America and in the forest. So we moved because we wanted to see a little bit more of the world and it was kind of in that process I realized just how frustrating the banking industry was and how hard it is to get to your own money. One bank wanted me to actually fly from the US to Australia to sign a form and then fly back. So I got through that whole process and that was fine, but that's when I started to look for better, more digital, alternatives and that's kind of how I found myself in the crypto space and I've loved it ever since. I'm currently training for American Ninja Warrior, which is a big sort of obstacle course, reality TV show, which has kind of spawned this whole industry of Ninja gyms and Ninja competitions. And people travel around just competing in these competitions and they're amazingly fun. And I've got a little farm set up. So we've got four sheep that we recently got that seem to find their way onto cinnamon videos quite a lot. I think that's the real reason for any popularity that I have on that platform.

P: So how did you start making content, I’m assuming the Ninja Warrior stuff plays a part in that?

A: So Ninja Warrior is a television show first and foremost. You can be the most amazing at obstacle courses or the strongest rock climber ever but they don't necessarily want to see that, they want to see interesting people get through obstacles. What I realized was being an IT guy, I had pretty much zero personality, but I was really good at obstacles. That was something that I really needed to overcome, that was my own obstacle. So as part of the Ninja Warrior application process, you have to submit a video. I remember it was the first time that I had really spoken into the camera, and I was so bad. That's why I wanted to get better at the application process. That meant I had to build my public speaking skills. Also because it was really early in the Ninja Warrior game, Australians hadn't really heard of it. I had a ninja warrior website a year before the show came to our shores and so I was trying to teach people Ninja Warrior skills so I had to be on video for that. So that's pretty much where it all started.

P: So I wanted to ask about your first public video.

A: My first public video was literally my application video for Ninja Warrior Australia season one. I created a YouTube channel specifically for that. And that was also because a lot of people were struggling with their videos so I wanted to give them some help. So I did mine early so that people could see that video to help them construct their own. And when I was on Ninja Warrior Australia, so many of the other ninjas came up to me and thanked me for that assistance with creating their own video.

P: Is the video still available publicly for our listeners to view?

A: Yeah, I've got a YouTube channel called Aussie Ninja Warrior. That was part of the reason why I was excited to come over to Cinnamon. So I think on that channel, I've got like, 60,000 views or something, and have not made any money from that whatsoever. So the channel that runs Australian Ninja Warrior, they asked me to do some promo videos for them to build up the hype and so I did that. But then secondary companies have come in and have DMCA struck me, or copyright struck me for stuff that I had been asked to do. And so that's kind of killed any kind of monetization on YouTube for me. You can't fight it as a smaller creator, they just don't care about you. I haven't made any money from any of those views whatsoever. And yet, my first video on Cinnamon, it was just me talking to the camera, and I instantly made more than I had in all the time I spent on YouTube.

P: For those who don't know, Adam is one of the pioneers of the Internet of value and apps that are part of this model. A model diverting away from ads, into sending small micropayments to people around the world. Would you like to tell us a bit about your project?

A: I've created an app called Essentially what it is, is trying to look after creators. So my ninja friends, models, and musicians and all those people creating really great stuff aren’t forced to try and sell protein powders, or don’t have to interrupt their content with sponsors, or ads, or anything, but basically, they have their consumers directly tip them. So you post content, and then the people who enjoy your content can send you a little tip. It could be virtually nothing, or it could be a lot.  I built this platform where people can tell a story, and then post an image or a photo, and then people can just tip them. It's also hooked up so that they get microtransactions as well, if there are any Coil subscribers that view that content, but generally, it's based on tips.

P: So you’re also part of The Plan podcast, tell me a bit about that?

A: The Coil community is really small but really passionate and Cinnamon is a big part of that. So a few of us got together so that we could talk about new posts and new videos that people have posted that they might not have seen. We're still very early on in the Coil and Cinnamon journey so there are lots of people creating, but not that many content consumers. We're really just trying to highlight the posts and videos that we thought were really great. So basically, we go on, we talk about new developments that have happened in the web monetization space. We try and teach people that are kind of new to the space what it's all about. And then we go through our fortnightly faves, which is just our favorite posts and videos in the last two weeks. So there's Patty, Patty C, on there who is a great Cinnamon and Coil creator. She does lots of recipes and she's a bit of a tech geek. She's our producer, so she keeps us in line. We've got NickelNDime who is an incredible creator, he's a musician. He has posted guitar tutorials, he’s made a game that was web monetized, he writes hilarious posts...semi hilarious posts, and he's a great storyteller. And then we’ve got Lauren, who hasn't created much recently, but she was doing a lot of historical posts, which is just so different from everything else that I've read. Her quality is incredible. Then we get on special guests to talk about the various competitions, so the last guest we had was Cintia who was running the last Cinnamon challenge at the time of filming.

Make sure to check out the full version of the podcast and learn more about Adam and his creator story.

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