Creator Stories Ep 2 PierreXO

Nov 23, 2020

What are Creator Stories? It's hip, it's new, and if you like creating content or watching it, it's probably for you. Cinnamon loves content creators, we love their work, but most of all, we love showcasing them as much as we can. Being a content creator is living the life of a modern-day celebrity. You can reach people on the opposite side of the world and instantly connect with them. But how do you become the real deal, a content creator in the merit of content quality and popularity? How do you expand your viewership from friends and family to strangers you will never meet?

Our next guest PierreXO

I recently had the pleasure of listening to a story of a very established creator PierreXO. A few months back team CNMN managed to meet Pierre and immediately we were excited to cooperate. As Pierre took a liking to the creator centric model of our platform, we were happy to invite him to become part of the CMNM community. So if you want to know how to make it as a creator, listen to Pierre's story and get inspired yourself.

Part of my conversation with Pierre

Pe: What's your background? How did you transition into becoming a content creator?

Pi: I've been a content creator for a really long time, my mom and dad would buy me those DV cameras, that would fit in your hand and then I would just record myself lip-synching to music. But for the longest time, at a very young age, I was into magic tricks. I would do card tricks and try to imitate the magicians on TV. And then from there, I've always been into performance art based stuff. So whether that'd be like dancing, magic, skateboarding for a while, but overall, I was really into producing videos of doing those things. So it just was a natural progression, the more things that I would learn, the more I would record myself and then that just developed into thing. Eventually, video platforms came out, and then here I am 20 something years later.

Pe: Would it be fair to assume that your first public video was a skateboarding one?

Pi: Oh my God! First public video? I have always, and I don't want to brag, but I've been usually the first to hop on new video platforms, aka Cinnamon. Before we had different (ones). There was Putfile, Megaupload, Putlocker, YouTube, Dailymotion, MySpace, all these things, and I would usually be the one to explore this. The first videos I probably uploaded were really terrible lip-sync videos or actually professional wrestling with my friends.

(Authors note: For context sake, Pierre informed me he was around 10-12 when he created these professional wrestling videos, just so you guys can get the picture)

Pe: Do you think we can still find some of your first videos somewhere online?

Pi: No. My first channel ever on YouTube I basically abandoned it but it's under AntiDagger. You can see I left up one video when I was probably 11 years old shuffling cards. I used to shuffle cards with the magic stuff. And I was making a lot of those videos. That was posted 11/12 years ago, really long time ago, man.

Pe: You actually moved from L.A. to Prague. Was that something that was easy for you as a content creator because people who are listening right now are probably content creators who are just starting out and they want to be enticed into the career of a content creator? Being a content creator at the time did it make it easy for you to move to Prague? And why did you actually move to Prague? Why abandon L.A. where everyone is?

Pi: That's so funny because the reason why I moved out of L.A. is because that's where everyone was. So yeah, I have always felt like I didn't belong. A lot of people say that 'I'm not like the other girls' but in California, I lived in Orange County, specifically, which is an hour away from Los Angeles, and sorry Orange County if you're listening, I didn't get along with y'all generally. I lived there for most of my life and even though I would bounce back and forth to L.A. a few times. Los Angeles is Hollywood (and) it's full of actresses and actors because that's what the place is made of. I had really hard time finding a community or just people that were real and straightforward. On top of that, the city it was just really really ugly. It's just concrete, warehouses, and industrial, you have to drive an hour to get to a coffee shop, you're stuck in four or five traffic doing nothing in the car. I really really didn't like the location at all, but every time I'd fly to Europe, I just felt like wow, I can walk around! Everything's pretty the people and the buildings! Oh my god, this is gorgeous. I want to move here one day, fast forward a few years, I ended up just booking a ticket to Prague and then just moved everything pretty much.

Pe: That's really cool, I didn't realize you didn't vibe so well with California.

Pi: And the second part of your question. Was it easy to move here with the YouTube thing? In fact, my content really started taking off once I moved here which is like the weirdest thing because you think it's usually you move to L.A. and it takes off but I was the opposite.

Pe: I want to know what you think about yourself. Do you feel like you're a success right now? This is a quite common question I like to ask creators on this show. Do you think you need to hit a milestone yet? Or do you think you are there already? How do you perceive that?

Pi: Oh, I love that question, man. It's a bit deeper. So to be honest I don't think I'm anywhere near what I think I should be at. Even though I'm at  290 (k subscribers) that's not that big, considering a lot of other people. Look at any other YouTuber, they have 500 to 700 million plus or whatever. So I think sometimes I'm like 'What am I doing wrong?' even though in your eyes, I'm successful, and I guess I am because I'm making a living off of it, but I feel like sometimes I see these other creators and I'm like 'Hmm, is there something wrong with my content that I gotta figure out?' But then having a large platform means you're kind of a target, and it's not just fun games as it used to be maybe five years ago. So the more I think about that I'm actually really enjoying where I'm at. I feel like I'm in this perfect middle ground right now, where I'm not a target, but I'm able to make a living and have fans and people that I enjoy talking to and people recognize me on the street, which is always nice, a little validation here and there. I mean, anything more than that, I kind of have to think about a bit longer.

If this short brief excites you make sure to listen to the full version below.

It was a lot of fun talking to an established creator and getting to know their story. I can’t wait for us to bring you more exciting content in the upcoming future. Stay tuned for more Creator Stories.

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