Cinnamon's top picks from April

May 12, 2021

During the month of April we saw a number of great videos created and uploaded to Cinnamon. Throughout this article we wish to highlight some of our favorites that we think you should definitely check out, just in case you happened to miss them.

For those of you who appreciate the calming effect of watching other people create great art, or for those budding artists among us, KassArt has your back. It’s hard to pick a favorite when it comes to Kass’s creations and this April didn’t disappoint. Sketching out the portrait of a ‘Grumpy Geisha’ before moving onto a digital format, the final piece will take your breath away.

KassArt's Grumpy Geisha

‘Staying ready so you don’t have to get ready’, Briana Ashley Stuart inspired us this April with her look back on the first lockdown and the personal effect it had on her life and her role as a dancer. Leading zoom dance sessions with friends and family and even landing a role in a commercial when restrictions started to lift for the summer, Briana clearly doesn’t let anything get in the way of her passion. A grant for the web recipient, Briana shares a whole wealth of knowledge for aspiring dancers on her channel CreativeLivingForDancers.

CreativeLivingForDancers look back at lockdown

Hitting us with another inspiring story from the land of dance, Ballet Rising’s moving interview with Ahmad Joudeh had to get a mention. A stateless refugee from Syria, Ahmad touched us with his story of how he turned to dance as a way of escaping the problems that surrounded him. Listen to Ahmad’s story on the importance of art and how he believes that creation is the opposite of war. This is just one episode in a series of many so make sure to check out some of the others.

Ballet Rising's interview with Ahmad Joudeh

Finally, another must watch from April was the latest upload from Black Mountain Films. This was a shorter piece than usual but one with an important message nonetheless. Raising awareness of those who risk their lives to report on the events happening in Syria, with over 100 Syrian civilian journalists being killed between 2011 and 2014.  Make sure to check out more content by Black Mountain Films as they upload interesting documentaries following the lives of individuals in different countries and situations.

Black Mountain Films piece on Syrian Journalists

There are a whole host of videos waiting for you on Cinnamon, ranging from funny, moving, educational, and many more. These four highlighted are our top picks for April but make sure to have a look around and check out more from our collection of talented creators.

Thanks for reading,

Anna out.