Cinnamon Challenge #6

Challenges Oct 15, 2020

As yet another month has passed us by it’s time to wrap up the #ChallengesByCin and announce the winner. This month’s contest was hosted by the one and only NickleNDime. Nick uploaded an example collaboration video with the wonderful Catera Combs where they performed Blackbird. While, as host of this month's challenge, this doesn’t count as a contest entry, make sure to give the video some love. Unfortunately, the criteria for this month’s challenge proved hard to hit, so after a slight tweak from Nick, the entries started rolling in.

Catera and Nick's example video 

AussieNinja surpassed the norm by uploading an impressive number of three entries to this particular challenge. The first of these collaborations was with Lauren who you may already know from the PLAN podcast? (make sure to check that out over at @PattyAlexx) Throughout this video Adam and Lauren attempt to get to grips with the card game Dominion with a special surprise thrown in for Nick in order to lure him into watching the whole video, a clever tactic! Adams' second submission involves another game collaboration, this time with Derek. In this second submission, they demonstrate the game Splinterlands, a game in which both players seem to have more expertise than the last...however there was certainly less love for Nick in this playthrough. This brings us to the final of Adam’s submissions, a collaboration with Tahlia, which is all about Aussies overseas. This definitely makes for a fun and interesting watch, so make sure to check it out!

Entry No 1
Entry No 2
Entry No 3

This month also saw two baking collaborations. Cintia collaborated with her husband and blew us away with her delicious looking black bean brownies. Although someone didn’t get their way with all their toppings of choice, some of which were definitely questionable (were they chestnuts?!), the half and half bake was an amazing idea. We here at cinnamon would be happy to indulge from either side. TheMindUntangled was the second of our baking submissions with a delicious banana bread collaboration with her son Justin. While they both clearly had fun working together on this video we could practically smell the loaf through the screen! Judging by the huge bunch of bananas shown in the bonus content at the end of the video we can only assume there are more loaves underway….would you mind sending some over to us!?

Cintia's entry
Sandra & Justin's entry

This month also saw a submission from some creators fairly new to Cinnamon. The Sweet Life, collaborating with one of our OG members Riley Q, produced a stunning video “Please Don’t Make Me Leave My Couch”. As most of you probably already know, Riley Q produces amazing content on Cinnamon with her own original songs but make sure you don’t miss out on this one. Also keep an eye out for plenty more amazing content to come out of The Sweet Life. We loved this submission.

Riley Q & The Sweet life's Colab 

This brings us to the final submission, and therefore Nick's chosen winner, of this month's challenges, John. John collaborated with his daughter on this video to give us a behind-the-scenes exclusive of Batgirl. While the Joker napped throughout, Batgirl put on a show of bravery and talent that would make Gotham proud. The Joker’s going to need to step up his game to get anything past her that's for sure. Congratulations to John and his superstar in the making!

John's entry

With this series of challenges wrapped up it is time to move onto new things. This brings us nicely to the next #ChallengesByCin kindly hosted by the wonderful Cintia. Cintia is leading the #GetTheLeadOut challenge, in which you are asked to showcase anything you are doing in your free time, be it projects involving sport, DYI, art, gastronomy, or anything else that butters your biscuit. Since the challenge is pretty open to interpretation, this could be the perfect opportunity to try that new project or personal journey you’ve been putting off for too long. We cannot wait to see your entries! Here's to a motivating month of videos!


Hugs & Kisses

-Girls & Boys of Cinnamon-