Cinnamon Challenge #7

Nov 16, 2020

As another month draws to a close it is time to wrap up our most recent #ChallengesByCin. As I’m sure you all know by now this month's challenge was hosted by the wonderful Cintia aka Veggiessima. In perhaps one of our broadest challenges yet Cintia posed the question of what you are doing to #GetTheLeadOut, Cintia herself, gave plenty of examples of how she is getting the lead out by taking hikes in nature and even learning new frisbee skills. As always with our challenges, entries were completely up to your interpretation of what  #GetTheLeadOut means for you and boy oh boy you did not disappoint.


There were two creators who produced submissions more on the creative side of things. The first of these is the talented Catera Combs who channeled her inner Disney princess/lion with her musical addition. I mean who doesn't love a Disney sing along! Make sure to check out her submission and her amazing singing warned you'll definitely be humming along to these songs for the rest of the day...not that that's a bad thing (especially if you’re anything near as talented as Catera). The second of our creative submissions was by none other than the talented Casey from Ballet Rising. This submission saw Casey give a tour of Amsterdam and also inserted some bonus images of some of his absolutely stunning photography of the city. Make sure to check it out but be aware you will want to invest in a good camera and photography lessons after watching...not to mention some tickets to Amsterdam.

Catera's submission
Casey's submssion

Despite the potential for submissions showcasing any number of activities, there were surprisingly two featuring festive tree decorations, although these differed in their own unique way. The first of these was submitted by John who took time out to decorate a Halloween tree with his family. This looked like great fun and definitely is on our checklist for next Halloween (anyone else noticing a lack of decorating as the years go by?). The second of our tree decorating entries was from none other than Riley Q. Riley has been with us from the start and has shared her journey as she got married, bought a house, and is now expecting her own little mini human. In Riley’s video, she shows how she has #GotTheLeadOut by decorating her house for Christmas. While I would say it’s never too early for Christmas decorations to go up, the arrival of Riley’s upcoming baby boy happening anytime now must have been a motivating factor.

John's submission
Riley's submission

Some of our other creators used this challenge as an opportunity to improve their home life. The first of these was AussieNinja whose video showcased his new truck for work around the farm. By the looks of it, Adam’s resident sheep will be happy with the new addition to the family...they sure do make that hay look delicious. Also, shout out to Adam for talking on the topic of electric vehicles, there's definitely a need for more options such as bigger vehicles for those who need to transport hay or sheep and lower costs for all! On the topic of cost NickleNDime’s submission titled ‘Million Dollar Renovation!!!’ showed us some of the renovations undertaken in his family home. We have to say that the hardwood floor looks amazing and hopefully will be more child friendly...everyone knows you can’t skid on carpet anyway...his video did leave us wondering, what cost more the renovation or that epic collection of lotions?

Adam's submission
Nick's submission

There were some submissions that demonstrated getting the lead out through partaking in activities they love. One of these was by Life Unchained who showcased his skills and passion for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in his video. There is definitely a lot to be said on the benefits of training hard but for now, we will leave it with no-one mess with Chris!

Chris' submission

We also had our first Spanish entry from David Vilela. While my Spanish skills are much to be desired make sure to check out his submission in which he demonstrates how he programmed a bot in order to (rather sneakily) win a music contest organized by the European Space Agency back in 2015.

David's submission

And so...drum roll please…this brings us to our winner which this month is none other than Srdan Vocanec himself. Srdan pushed the boat out and uploaded two videos for this month’s challenge. The first submission saw him on an epic hunt for the perfect rice pudding (you should try my mums...homemade is always best) and the second was a more artistic piece titled ‘For A Dram’. It was this second submission that saw Srdan claim the title of winner this month as there was clearly a lot of time and effort put into filming this atmospheric piece that had us all craving some whiskey. Cintia struggled to pick the winner this month with so many wonderful submissions from you all but in her words ‘the tools he [Srdan] used to translate his need to get the lead out, the music, the lighting, the pace of his feet, all contributed to deliver the message really well without him saying anything’. We certainly don’t envy Cintia having to pick a winner out of these submissions but as she eloquently put ‘When I picked the Get the lead out theme I knew it was going to be very difficult to pick a winner. YOUR way of getting the lead out is already a winner by definition because it's what brings you joy and that by itself is unique.’

Srdan's first submission
Srdan's winning submission

So, with this challenge wrapped up it can only mean it’s time for a new one. This upcoming month we will be diversifying the format of our #ChallengesByCin. Those over at The Sweet Life have kindly offered to host our next challenge featuring an otherworldly competition in which you will compete for victory in the popular game Among Us. Keep an eye out for more information coming to The Sweet Life’s channel soon….and of course….good luck to all those brave enough to take on the challenge.

Thanks for reading.


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